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Keith Becker

Keith Becker

Keith Becker (aka AccidentalGrenade) fell in love with poker whilst playing his friends during his high school days in Pennsylvania, USA. That competitive drive of not just wanting to win, but to be the best, inspired AG to take poker seriously. He ended up winning his first live poker tournament in Atlantic City, and since then that competitiveness and camaraderie is what he enjoys most about poker.

That victory at AG’s first live poker tournament didn’t come easy. Spending the night before reading books about the game, eager to be an intelligent novice. Winning on the final table of the tournament and the prize money worth over US $1000 shows his hard work paid straight away. Since then, highlights include streaming his success at PACOOP and joining the Team PokerStars Pro Online.

Being so proud and humble at being selected, AG still doesn’t believe it to be true. His aims with the roles are to break down the walls and bring the game to more people. In doing so, adding that sense of community and fun to the game. Keeping it fun is something that fuels Becker’s drive. He’s proud that PokerStars are striving to achieve this and that’s what AG wants to be a part of.

Thanks to the opportunities that streaming brings, AG has got to know a strong community in Pennsylvania. The single state platform has allowed him to get to know his core audience, an audience he is grateful for and hoping to meet soon. Especially as the laughter that’s provided in the chat is what he enjoys most about streaming, helping to build these strong connections. It doesn’t matter to AG whether the poker takes centre stage or not, it’s all about the laughter and enjoyment.

His biggest achievement on his stream was the DareToStream competition. It’s where he could meet new people, make new friends and enjoy each other’s company. This is something that is inspiring AG to try new things with his streaming to keep it as entertaining and engaging as he can.

Away from the tables, AG loves nothing more than spending time with his wife and daughter, the two inspirations in his life. He is also a huge TV and movie fan, a topic of conversation that is often brought up in his streams. Especially when debating which series or blockbuster is best.

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