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Felix Schneiders

Felix Schneiders

Felix Schneiders is a renowned poker coach from Germany, frequently training and entertaining his community as a member of PokerStars Team Pro.

A Maths degree gave him the mental agility needed to make it as a successful poker player, as did his experience competing as a semi-pro on the Magic: The Gathering circuit. Felix noticed several Magic players moving over to poker in 2005 and making big money from Texas Hold’em. So, he decided to give it a shot himself. After learning the ropes by studying every training video and forum post he could find, Felix headed to PokerStars, and has been playing ever since.

He first began streaming in English, then decided to switch to his native German – a decision he credits with helping him to find his feet as an up-and-coming streamer. “It resonated with me more, I became more natural on camera and it just helped me to be a better streamer,” said Felix.

More big changes would soon follow. After initially focusing on cash games, Felix decided to switch to tournament poker, saying, "At heart, I'm still a cash game player, and I always used to grind cash games. But it's just way more fun to play tournaments. It’s a great feeling to win a tournament, and getting to share those moments on stream was great."

Felix eventually joined the live poker scene, taking great pleasure in introducing his fanbase to the unrivalled action that comes with being on the live felt. “My content has evolved from a solo cash game streamer online, to this whole community-driven community-based style of content from live events all over the world,” said Felix.

"To travel the world and to travel to different places, to stream and to get to share this with everybody, it's the most amazing experience.”

Ever eager to get more of his fans on the felt, Felix also spends his time passing down his wisdom to his ‘GRND’ community, which aims to inspire new players to improve and develop their game.

He runs regular ‘GRND Live’ meetup games with the community, meeting his fans in person and sharing in the game they love. He hopes to take down a major online tourney in the near future, so watch this space.

Felix plays online poker exclusively at PokerStars, where he plays under the username ‘xflixx’.

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