Self-imposed spending limits

You can set up a daily, weekly or monthly spending limit on your account. It's a great way to keep an eye on how much you spend while playing at our site.

How does the spending limit work?

It's a calendar-based limit. This means you can choose how much of your funds you use daily, weekly or monthly.

Your account balance and self-imposed spending limit are separate. While you may not lose money, the spending allowance might still decrease. For example, you set up a daily spending limit of $100. If you join a poker game for $10 but leave the table without playing a single hand, your account balance will remain the same. But, your daily spending allowance for the day is now $90, as you used $10 when joining the table.

Winning money while playing does not increase the spending limit.

How can I set it on my account?

To do this, follow these instructions based on the way you access your account:

  • Desktop: Tools → Responsible Gaming → Restrict Spend Limit
  • Mobile: Account → Responsible Gaming Settings → Restrict Spend Limit
  • Website: Account → Responsible Gaming → Restrict Spend Limit

You must confirm your decision upon your next login 24 hours after setting it.

If you increase your spending limit, the changes will take effect in 24 hours for the daily limit, 7 days for the weekly limit and 30 days for the monthly limit. Any requests to lower a self-imposed limit will take effect immediately.

A daily or a weekly spending limit will be effective for 7 days; a monthly limit will be for 30 days. When this period expires, you can raise or remove your limit.

You can also select 'Remove Limit' if you no longer want to have on your account a limit you previously set.

You can read more about all our Responsible Gaming features here.


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