Find Play Money games on the PokerStars Next Gen app

First, make sure you're in the Play Money lobby, where all games are Play Money ONLY.

If your balance on the opening screen shows a real-money currency, go to 'Account' and toggle the option to 'Play Money'.

You can reach all game lobbies from the Play Money Poker screen (Cash Games, Sit & Go, or Tournaments) by tapping on the respective menu at the header bar. Every game lobby has a similar structure. Either you'll see games listed right away, or you have the option to scroll through formats and choose the variant you're interested in.

Tournaments lobby

Here, you'll be taken right away to the games' list.

  • By adjusting the 'Freeroll' labeled slider, you can specify the buy-in range you're interested in.
  • You'll see more games by tapping on 'Load more' at the bottom of the screen (which start later than those featured further up on the list).
  • By tapping on a tournament, you'll get to the registering screen.
Tournament filters

The filters are a great way to customize your search.

  • The filter screen opens by tapping the radio button (next to the 'Freeroll' labeled slider).
  • You can set filters for various options, depending on the game variant.
  • Make your choice and select 'Show Games' when you're ready.
  • Use the 'Reset' button at the top to clear your selection.
Sit & Go and Cash Game lobbies

Here, you can choose from different formats (i.e., Hold'em, Omaha) and various variants (Single-Table, Multi-Table, Heads Up, etc.).

  • After selecting a variant, you'll see the list of available games.
  • Again, you have the buy-in slider and access to filters for most game variants.
  • Pick your game and register on the next screen.

To search for a particular tournament (with tournament name or ID), use the magnifying glass icon in the Poker lobby.


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