Play Money chips refill

New players receive 1,000 complimentary Play Money chips when they create their Stars Account. Play Money has no monetary value and serves only for fun.

Once your total Play Money balance goes below 1,000, you can get more chips and bring it up to 1,000 again. Refills are possible up to 3,000 chips per hour.

The refill option is available in Play Money cash games, tournaments, and in the cashier (if the Play Money tab is available). Just look for Collect (in the cashier) or Free Chips (on mobile) or Add Chips (at the table).

If you are already seated in a Play Money cash game, you can get more chips by either clicking on the chip tray or on Options at the top of the table, depending on your table theme, and then clicking on Add Chips,or by simply right-clicking on your own seat, which will bring up the rebuy menu.


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