Integrated keyboard shortcuts

Here's a list of keyboard shortcuts integrated with our software:

  • Login: Ctrl+L
  • Cashier: Ctrl+4
  • Find a Player: Ctrl+F
  • Find a Team PokerStars Player: Ctrl+P
  • Find a Tournament: Ctrl+T
  • Registered in Tournaments: Ctrl+R
  • Waiting Lists: Ctrl+Y
  • Display Instant Hand History: Ctrl+I
  • Muck Losing Hand: Ctrl+U
  • Don't Show Winning Hand: Ctrl+D
  • Don't Show When Folding Last: Ctrl+O
  • Tile Tables: Ctrl+9
  • Cascade Tables: Ctrl+0
  • Stack Tables: Ctrl+8
  • Apply Active Layout: Ctrl+3
  • Detached Chat: Ctrl+2
  • Resize Table to Default: Ctrl+B


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