Play Money chips purchase option not available

We do not offer Play Money chips purchases on our US sites at that time. While there are no plans at the moment to introduce the feature, as we move along, we might consider it. We have it on our radar, but it's not possible to make any predictions at this time.

But you can top up for FREE!

Our tables are still free-to-play and you can replenish your Play Money chips at no cost! If you ever 'go bust' and you would like to get more free chips, you can refill your balance with up to 3,000 chips per hour.

Top up through the Cashier or while playing:

Make a chips refill through the Cashier by choosing 'Collect' under the 'Play Money' tab.

Or if you try to enter a game, make a rebuy or replenish your stack at the table (and you do not have enough chips left to do so) the refill option should be prompted (IF you haven't maxed out your hourly allowance yet).


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