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IGT Tackle Your Way to $100k Network Promotion

Every time a player places a minimum betting total amount of $10 across the qualifying slot games in a single day, they will receive 1 entry ticket to the prize draw and two tickets for every $10 wagered on Fortune Coin. The number of tickets a player can earn for the promotion is capped at 500. Top prize of $1,000 per state!

Eligible Slot Games: Fortune Coin, Cats, Cleopatra, Da Vinci Diamonds, Wheel of Fortune Ruby Riches, Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

Number of Prizes Prize
2 $1,000
2 $750
2 $500
20 $100
30 $50
2,600 $20
4,000 $10
Total: 6,656 Total: $100,000



These player Terms & Conditions form the legal basis upon which you will be entered into the above promotion when you place certain wagers with any Participating Operator(s). Please read them carefully and, if necessary, ask for further information from the relevant Participating Operator. Please also refer to the relevant Participating Operator’s site for details of their player terms and conditions.

By meeting the qualifying criteria for entry into the Promotion, you agree to be bound by and comply with these Terms & Conditions. In order to be eligible to win in the Promotion you must place Qualifying Wagers on Featured Games. If you do not agree with any part of the Terms & Conditions, please do not participate in the promotion.

The Promotion: The details of the Promotion and the Draw during the Promotional Period are as follows:

Promotion Tackle your way to $100k
Territory and Time Zone

Pennsylvania and Michigan

Eastern Time

Featured Games

Cash Eruption

Cats, Cleopatra

Da Vinci Diamonds

Fortune Coin

Wheel of Fortune

Ruby Riches

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

Promotion Period Sept 21-26, 2022
Minimum Wager Amount $10
Minimum number of entries per player per draw per participating operator 500
Prizes per draw
Number of Prizes Prize
2 $1,000
2 $750
2 $500
20 $100
30 $50
2,600 $20
4,000 $10
Total: 6,656 Total: $100,000
Draw Date/Time Sept 27, 2022 3:00pm

2. What terms in capital letters mean: In these Terms & Conditions, terms with capital letters have the following meanings:

Draw(s)” means a random selection of Winner(s) of the Prize(s) from all Players.

Featured Game(s)” means the IGT game(s) specified in Section 1, which are available to play on the sites of any Participating Operator(s) and which are included in the Promotion during the Promotional Period.

Participating Operator(s)” refers to one or more operators of gambling sites/apps who have licensed electronic games from any of the companies in the IGT group of companies and who from time-to-time choose to take part in the Promotion by playing a Featured Game on their sites.

Player” means any player who plays a Featured Game on the site of a Participating Operator and is entered into the Draw(s) as a result.

Player ID” means the anonymised unique identifier by which the Player is recognised by the Promoter.

"Prize” means any cash prize awarded pursuant to a Draw conducted after the Promotional Period, as further specified in Section 1.

Promotion” means the promotion specified in Section 1 and further described in these Terms & Conditions and comprises the applicable Draw(s) conducted after the Promotional Period.

Promoter” is the person with overall responsibility for the conduct of the Promotion and that person is IGT, a Nevada corporation of 6355 South Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89113, USA.

Promotional Period” has the meaning given in Section 1.

Qualifying Wager” has the meaning given in Section 10.

Section’ refers to the Sections of these Terms & Conditions as numbered below.

Terms & Conditions” means these player terms and conditions.

Territory” has the meaning given in Section 1.

Winner” means a Player who is selected to win a Prize and is eligible to win in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.

3. Eligibility: The Promotion is only open to individuals who: 

  • are registered users of a Participating Operator via the registration method as specified on the relevant site;
  • are aged 21 or over;
  • are physically located in the Territory at the time of the Qualifying Wager;
  • have fulfilled the entry criteria set out in Section 9; and
  • are not excluded for any of the reasons set out in Section 4.

4. Exclusions and Self-Excluded Players: Players who have self-excluded from a Participating Operator, or who are otherwise precluded from participation under applicable law and regulation are not eligible to win a Prize under the Promotion. If a Player self-excludes after playing a Featured Game during the Promotional Period and subsequently wins a prize, that Player will be disqualified. No prizes of any sort will be paid to self-excluded Players at any time, even if they subsequently end their self-exclusion. Employees of the Promoter, Participating Operators, their group companies, their families and agents, and anyone else professionally connected with the Promotion may not enter the Promotion and risk disqualification if they do.

5. Proof of Eligibility and Identity: The Promoter may request proof of eligibility and identity (such as a photo ID and proof of residence) from Winners prior to any prize being paid to them. Any Winner that fails to provide satisfactory proof of eligibility and identity within 14 days of the Promoter’s written request to do so will not be eligible to win a prize and at the Promoter’s sole discretion may select an alternative Winner at random from all remaining valid entries.

6. Promotional Period: The Promotion runs for the Promotional Period specified in Section 1. All ‘days’ referred to in these Terms & Conditions relate to a time period from 12:01AM to 11:59PM in the Territory each day.

7. Game Availability and Cancellations: Neither the Promoter nor any Participating Operator undertakes, warrants or guarantees that the Featured Game(s) will be available either at all or at all times, on any particular site, including by reason of outages due to technical or connectivity issues or suspension for support and maintenance. Further, Participating Operator(s) may join the Promotion (or leave the Promotion) during the Promotional Period, but Players who made Qualifying Wagers on the Featured Game(s) before such Participating Operator left the Promotion will still be entered into the relevant Draw(s) if the relevant Participating Operator ceases to participate in the Promotion.

8. Multiple Sites: If there is more than one Participating Operator, the Promotion will be conducted across multiple gambling sites run by the different Participating Operators and therefore Winners may be selected from Players that have participated from different sites. All valid entries will have the same chance of winning a prize, regardless of which Participating Operator site the Player used to place their Qualifying Wager.

9. How To Enter the Draw(s): 

Subject to Section 10, each Player that meets the eligibility criteria set out in Section 3 will be entered into a Draw as follows:

  • To be entered into a Draw, a Player must place a Qualifying Wager (as described below and in Section 1) on the Featured Game(s) on the site of a single Participating Operator.
  • The Qualifying Wager for each entry must be staked on the Featured Game(s) on the site of a single Participating Operator in order to earn the entry into a Draw for no additional fee. The amount of the Qualifying Wager will be based on cumulative wagers across the Featured Games on the site of a single Participating Operator.
  • Splitting the required Qualifying Wager amount across the sites of two (2) or more different Participating Operators will not entitle a player to entry into a Draw. See Section 10 for more details.
  • Each Player will be entered into a Draw when they make a Qualifying Wager. The number of entries into a Draw is determined by the amounts wagered on one or more of the Featured Games by each eligible Player as described above.
  • Each player must maintain a valid account with the applicable Participating Operator until at least 30 days after the end of the Promotional Period.
  • If a Player does not want to be entered into a Draw they must contact the relevant Participating Operator.

10. Qualifying Wagers: All Players that wager the Minimum Wager Amount specified in Section 1 (via one or more wagers) on the Featured Game(s) on the site of a Participating Operator during the Promotional Period will automatically gain one (1) entry into a Draw. Subject to the maximum number of Entries per Player per Participating Operator specified in Section 1, Players will gain one additional entry into a Draw for every additional Minimum Wager Amount wagered in the Featured Game(s) during the Promotional Period. This amount is based on cumulative wagers, so it can be made up of multiple wagers of smaller amounts on more than one Featured Game during the Promotional Period provided that the wagers are all placed on the same site of a single Participating Operator. For example, if the Minimum Wager Amount is $10, a player who wagers $95 on a Featured Game during the Promotional Period would receive nine (9) free entries into a Draw – one (1) for each $10 wagered and a player who wagers $79 on one Featured Game and $1 on another Featured Game (on the same site of a single Participating Operator via all channels) during the Promotional Period would receive eight (8) entries into a Draw – one (1) for each $10 wagered. For the avoidance of doubt, in circumstances where there are multiple Participating Operators, if a Player wagers $19 on one Featured Game and $1 on another Featured Game provided by another Participating Operator at a different site during the Promotional Period then the Player will be entered into a Draw one (1) time only).

11. Winner Selection: The winners will be selected randomly from all entries in each Draw, by using a computer process that produces verifiably independent results and/or by (or under the supervision of) an independent third party and subsequently verified against the eligibility criteria in Section 3 above. The Draw(s) will take place as set out in Section 1.

12. Winner Notification: Winners will be notified by the relevant Participating Operator of their having won a prize within five (5) business days of the relevant Draw taking place, via the method selected by the Participating Operator, using the contact details linked to the Player’s account with such Participating Operator. If a Winners’ account has been closed (by the Player or the relevant Participating Operator) prior to the award of the prize, reasonable efforts will be made to contact the Winner via email or other method. The Promoter may disqualify any Winner who fails to respond to such efforts within fourteen (14) days and may, in its sole discretion, award the prize to an alternative Player by selecting another Player at random from the remaining valid entries.

13. The Prizes: The total prize fund for the Promotion is as set out in Section 1. Under no circumstances will the Promoter or Participating Operators pay out more than this aggregate total prize fund regardless of the circumstances. Each Player is limited to one (1) Prize per Promotion.

14. Prize Payments: Within 30 days of the relevant Draw, the Participating Operator will be responsible for crediting the prize to each eligible Winner’s registered account used by the Winner to place the Qualifying Wager. The prize will be paid in the currency of the relevant Territory and will be available for withdrawal in accordance with the Participating Operators account terms and/or applicable law and regulation.

15. Disputes with Participating Operators: If a Winners’ Participating Operator account is subject to a bone fide dispute between the Winner and the relevant Participating Operator at the time of the award of the prize, the Participating Operator may retain the prize temporarily or permanently until the dispute has been resolved.

16. Ineligibility / Disqualification: If the Promoter reasonably believes that a Winner: (a) does not meet the Eligibility criteria set out in Section 3; or (b) has breached these Terms & Conditions in a serious way, the Promoter reserves the right to instruct the Participating Operator to withhold payment of the prize and may, in its sole discretion, award the prize to an alternative Player by selecting another Player at random from the remaining valid entries.

17. No Alternative Prizes: There is no alternative to any cash prize offered in whole or part and withdrawal of prize payments from Winners’ registered accounts can only be made in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the relevant Participating Operators.

18. Exclusions of Liability: If the Promoter fails to comply with these Terms & Conditions, the Promoter is responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of the Promoter's breach of these Terms & Conditions or its negligence, but it is not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it was an obvious consequence of the Promoter's breach or if it was contemplated by you and the Promoter at the time that the Player entered the Promotion.

19. Account Protection: Players are solely responsible for any activity that occurs on their account with any Participating Operator(s), including participation in the Promotion. Please keep your account details and password secure at all times.

20. Publicity: Winners may be requested to participate in reasonable publicity relating to the Promotion.

21. Promoter’s Decisions Will Be Binding: Subject to Sections 25 and26, the Promoter’s decision in all matters relating to the Promotion is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

22. Changes to the Promotion. The Promoter may hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the Promotion or vary these Terms & Conditions where it becomes necessary, or is in the interests of Players, to do so. The Promoter and any Participating Operator(s) will always try to provide as much notice as possible of any changes to the Promotion or these Terms & Conditions by posting an updated version of these Terms & Conditions on this web page/app before they take effect. Players should therefore check this web page/app frequently and ensure that they are familiar with the latest version of these Terms & Conditions. Any changes to the Terms & Conditions and the Promotion will usually only apply to entries that are received after the date that the change takes effect.

23. Terms & Conditions: By participating in the Promotion all Players will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms & Conditions. Any person who does not agree to these Terms & Conditions should notify the relevant Participating Operator(s) to stop his or her name being entered into the Promotion and should not accept any prize.

24. Winners’ Player IDs: A list of the Player IDs of all Winners will be available on request. Winners who wish to object to their Player ID being made available can email the Promoter at at any time after entering the Promotion. For the Player ID of Winners please write to the Promoter including the Promotion name using the contact details below within thirty (30) days of the closing date of the Promotion.

IGT, 6355 South Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89113, USA

25. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: The Promotion is conducted under, and these Terms & Conditions are subject to, the laws of the state of Pennsylvania and Michigan. Players can bring legal proceedings in respect of the Promotion and these Terms & Conditions in the courts of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

26. As a consumer, each Player will benefit from any mandatory provisions of the law of the state in which he or she is resident. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions, including the term above, affects a Player’s rights as a consumer to rely on such mandatory provisions of local state law.