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How to Play Classic Blackjack

Widely regarded as the most popular form of Blackjack in the world, Classic Blackjack is just one of a number of online Blackjack variations available at PokerStars Casino. Join the action on Single Player and Multi-Player tables now!

Game Rules

In Classic Blackjack eight 52-card decks are used. The decks are shuffled together before every hand is dealt, and dealers do not receive a hole card. Dealers must hit on a soft 17 (a hand containing an ace that totals either seven or 17), and should you hit Blackjack you will be paid at 3:2 odds.

If the player’s hand loses to Blackjack, then only the mandatory initial bet is forfeited and all other optional bets that have not bust (splits and doubles) will be pushed and returned.

Player Betting Options

The minimum bet in Classic Blackjack is $0.10, but more betting options become available as hands progress. Players can double down on any two-card hand, meaning you can double your initial bet, so long as you are committed to ‘standing’ after being dealt one additional card.

Players can also split two cards if they are paired or of equal value. So if you are dealt nine-nine, king-queen, seven-seven or jack-ten you can create two hands for an additional wager of the same amount. Here are some additional rules on splitting:

  • Players can split three times for a total of four hands, except when dealt a pair of aces
  • Aces may be split only once, after which players will receive only one card for each split hand
  • Players can double down on any hand, including after a non-ace split

Insurance and Surrender

When playing at Classic Blackjack tables, players cannot ‘surrender’. However, if you think the dealer is about to hit Blackjack, you can also buy ‘insurance’. This means should the dealer hit Blackjack, you’ll still be paid 2:1 on your bet.

Single Player Tables

Our Single Player tables allow you to play up to five betting positions (or ‘boxes’) per game round. Just click on one or more boxes to place a wager.

On our Single Player tables the action proceeds at your pace, without a timer to hurry you along. Bet sizes can be selected easily by using the chip icons, the slider or by typing the amount you wish to wager. Click on Clear to start again, or Deal to commit to the bet and start the hand. After the hand is complete, use the Re-Bet button to repeat the same wager on the next hand.

Multi-Player Tables

If you prefer to play with company, join one of PokerStars Casino Multi-Player tables. Here you can enjoy Blackjack in a more social and interactive setting, with a few differences in gameplay.

Unlike at our Single Player tables, at Multi-Player tables you can only occupy one betting position per game round. There’s also a timer for each action to ensure the game moves along at a suitable pace and you’re not left waiting for someone to act. Just like at Single Player tables, the bet amounts and wagers are made using the chip icons, slider and/or input field.

If you lose your connection or are timed out in the middle of a hand, you won’t lose any wagers made. Instead, the game state is stored and the hand is completed the next time you log in. The dealer’s hole card will be re-dealt.

Classic Blackjack Return to Player

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Classic Blackjack is approximately 99.39%. For more on how to play the game, visit our Blackjack Rules page.

Please note that malfunction voids all pay-outs.